Nebraska Football: Further B1G Expansion Hinted by Nebraska’s President

Just as fans are starting to wrap their heads around USC and UCLA being members of the B1G, Nebraska’s president Tim Carter made some news about the conference’s future plans.

In an Omaha World-Herald interview with Tom Shatel, Carter talked about the changing vision of the conference.

“I think Big Ten football, through the chancellors and presidents, has made the decision to try to be national,” Carter said.

That would be unique for a power conference in football. Even the mighty SEC hinges itself on, well, being from the south. Changing the image of the B1G from corn-fed Midwesterners to a truly coast-to-coast league seems like a heavy lift – and an open question as to whether it will work.

But Carter had more to say. Although there was still a little mystery, Carter’s quotes had a surprising amount of detail.

“I think the ACC has some work to do. Make sure they understand what their media rights are, what the penalties are. You’re talking $110 million to walk out the door. That’s a big price tag.”

“Two teams that move from one of the power five conferences that cause things to unravel,” Carter said. “There’s a domino effect. One team leaves (ACC) it has a domino effect. Same with the Pac-12.”


So at least on the radar of the B1G is the turmoil in the ACC (and the monster grant-of-rights agreement which might keep the conference together) as well as the Pac-12. And at the very least, the B1G appears to be ready to move if either conference begins to fall apart. What is left unsaid is whether the B1G would be the cause of that breakup.

As to when it could happen?

 “I think we have another year or two of the status quo, with a few minor changes. But I think over the next year there’s going to be a lot of big changes that are going to happen.”

Now, does this mean anything for sure is going to happen? Of course not. But Carter is connected like few people are, and if he thinks that there’s big changes coming soon, then it’s a safe bet you shouldn’t be writing your conference schedules in ink.

GBR, baby.

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