Nebraska Football: Breaking Down the JoJo Siwa News


Much digital ink was spilled when rumors began to swirl that a Nebraska football player (specifically walk-on quarterback Elliott Brown) is dating internet phenom (and Omaha native) JoJo Siwa.

Kevin Coffey of the Omaha World-Herald went through the details of the relationship and how it has received national attention. But we know, Husker Fan, that you look to the Double Extra Point to give you a different look at Nebraska football. So here’s the Double Extra Point’s full breakdown of a Nebraska football player possibly dating the rainbow-festooned social media star.

Yeah, I got nothing. I’m far to old to have any idea who this person is. This article was written partly for the snark, but mostly for all those sweet, sweet clicks the search engine optimization people say should flow from including in a headline the name of someone that is apparently terribly popular.

But, hey, at least it’s not news of someone else leaving the program, amirite?

GBR, baby.

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